Hosted Shows

Below are shows that are hosted locally on Feel free to find out more and listen while you are here. You can also find these shows on most streaming platforms.

Eyes Forward; March!

Hosted By:

Sergeants Bacon & C’Gar


Follow the conversations and stories of a few Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) from all over the country who met while attending a leadership course. They will tell stories and have conversations that are not only entertaining but ultimately build networking skills and the NCO Corps.

Pandemic Guitar

Hosted By:
Tim, Rick, and Amanda

Join a father (Rick), son (Tim), and daughter (Amanda) as they talk guitars, guitarists, and the music created. The three learn from each other and guitar legends on a podcast platform born from a world pandemic, hobbies new and old, and the joy of music.

What is Podcast Barn?

Podcast Barn was created as a way for a small community of podcasters to learn more about the backside of podcasting. There are many resources out there for hosting and serving podcasts to the public, but how does it all work? We want to know more and this is how we are doing it.


Podcast Barn is not a network.