Episode 14: These are our Reflections – 2020

Eyes Forward; March!
Eyes Forward; March!
Episode 14: These are our Reflections - 2020

The Sergeants somehow made it into the new year! Following suite with others, Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar reflect on the past for their first episode of the new year. How did this all start? What where some road blocks? Does anyone care? Only the Sergeants can tell such (un)captivating tales.

Since we didn’t get to say this in the episode:

EFM Podcast is proud to be part of the Creative Brain Candy (CBC) Network. CBC has gone above and beyond in 2020 by supporting and encouraging us while we struggle to put EFM together. They have given us the opportunity to implement our ideas, execute, review our results, alter our ideas and repeat multiple times. We have more work to do and will continue to March with our Eyes Forward. We are grateful that CBC is here for us and we look forward to what the future brings!

Please check out www.creativebraincandy.com to discover creators that have content just waiting to entertain you.