Episode 17: Bet You a $1 – You Won’t Listen to this Episode

Eyes Forward; March!
Eyes Forward; March!
Episode 17: Bet You a $1 - You Won't Listen to this Episode

Sergeant Bacon found a suitable Kazoo replacement until he finds something more permanent. This episode starts with a few new bars! #SorryNotSorry

Happy belated Valentines day! We hope you got to do something enjoyable with someone special. If not, don’t worry we didn’t do anything special either. Things get a little weird when we realize that we’ve almost been at this for a year and wonder if we have any anniversary plans.

If something looks a little different then you are paying attention. We moved from using Podbean as our podcast host. Our feed has changed. Hopefully you won’t notice too much change! We are on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify Podcasts. You can also visit the Creative Brain Candy website to listen to all of our episodes. We’ve also updated our episode numbering so that each episode has its own number to match our updated episode format.

The Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar spend a little time telling a few gambling stories. Sometimes you gamble with money, sometimes you gamble with food. Sometimes it’s for fun and sometimes it’s not. Almost all the time it’s not really worth it.

There are resources out there if you hare having financial issues or gambling problems. All you have to do is identify the issue and ask for help.


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