Episode 20: Family Absolutely Matters

Eyes Forward; March!
Eyes Forward; March!
Episode 20: Family Absolutely Matters

Say hello to Corporal Cat Lady who took a little time out of her busy schedule to introduce herself!

We’re all busy and have a lot going on. We find that it can be hard to balance our time between our work, family and Guard. If you agree with this trifecta, then you’re in for a surprise!

This episode is about realizing that as a member of the military we now have a larger family than what we thought. It’s all about organizing our priorities and balancing our lives. Betwee work, friends, Guard, and your Guard family it can be tough. If we can identify, prioritize, and balance these things we think we will be successful.

Big Pimping — PEW, PEWPEW, PEW!

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