Episode 06: What About Anything: MRE’s

Eyes Forward; March!
Eyes Forward; March!
Episode 06: What About Anything: MRE's

Where is episode 3B? FOB Cigar has been devastated by by natural disaster. Editing has been moved to priority level 2 resulting in a missed time hack. Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar make the last minute effort to provide some unorthodox content. They record for two hours covering so many topics that it can’t be covered in 30 minutes. Interim content has been created called “What About Anything”, a single 30 minute(ish) episode covering a topic or two that can be used as last minute ammunition at any time. This week; Meals Ready to Eat (MRE).

Shoutout to Simply Stogies Podcast which Sergeant C-Gar is a huge fan boy of! Stay Smokey Friends!