Tag: Concert Series

  • Episode 37: Pandemic Guitar Challenged Christmas Banter

    We’re having fun with our 2nd Christmas themed show. The banter, laughs, and Griswold trivia is high as Tim, Rick, and Amanda come back to the microphones for another fun […]

  • Episode 36: We’re At the Crossroads in 1986

    Tim, Rick and Amanda are back to talk about the 1986 movie, “Crossroads”.  A movie about a young Bluesman who won a karate championship two years prior has learned to […]

  • Episode 35: A Bunch of Pandemic Turkeys

    Thank you for tuning in to the Pandemic Guitar Podcasts Thanksgiving Episode. Tim, Rick, and Amanda create a top 10 Thanksgiving Song Playlist, talk about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade […]

  • Episode 34: The Wheel of Musicians Lands on Tommy Emmanuel

    Tim and Amanda sit back and listen while Rick tells us about his pick and first win, the Australian Guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel. Of course, like always there’s lots of ramblings […]

  • Episode 33: A Pandemic Spooky Episode

    Amanda is back to safe the podcast in this spooky episode of The Pandemic Guitar Podcast! Tim, Rick and Amanda talk about some holiday tech and how it can be […]

  • Episode 32: Just As Busy As A 12 String

    Rick and Tim take some time to talk about all the new things that have been happening lately. Maybe too much time. It’s all good. Rick continues his journey of […]

  • Episode 31: Baritone Guitars and Some Ramblings

    Rick and Tim are back. Amanda is out treating her sugar daddy on his birthday. Rick decides to bring Baritone Guitars into the spotlight. It’s a great insight to a […]

  • Episode 30: The Wheel – Dave Grohl

    Pandemic Guitar Podcast is back with the latest episode of “The Wheel of Musicians”! Rick listens while Tim talks about his pick and the lucky landing on the wheel, Dave […]

  • Episode 29: Our Guitar Wish Lists

    Tim, Rick, and Amanda are back to share the guitars that they would love to have in their personal collections. The odds are that Tim and Rick would play those […]

  • Episode 28: A Year Has Past

    Can you believe it! We have officially started our 2nd year here at the Pandemic Guitar Podcast. Tim, Rick and Amanda discuss all sorts of housekeeping. They start off talking […]

  • Episode 27: Stuck in a Rut

    Tim is stuck in a learning rut and asks the local pro how to get over that hump. The trio talk about the pandemic jingle, tempo & key, how to […]

  • Episode 26: A “Wheel Al” Yankovic Podcast

    Amanda’s final pick on the rigged “Wheel of Musicians” mini series is finally here. It’s an episode about “Weird Al” Yankovic and the laughs that he has provided us over […]

  • Episode 25: Guitarpody

    This special episode of Pandemic Guitar Podcast is an attempt at a guitar themed version of the classic television game show: Jeopardy. We welcome a special guest to the episode. […]

  • Episode 24: Pickups – Active or Passive

    Tim and Rick talk about the difference between active and passive pickups on a guitar while Amanda is on special assignment. During the discussion, Tim and Rick may have identified […]

  • Episode 23: Pedal Power

    Rick talks about guitar pedals and Tim suggests he has any luck at all. Let’s just pretend you have $500 USD to start your pedal power collection. What can you […]

  • Episode 22: The Wheel Returns With Ryan E. Parrish of Hopesfall

    Amanda’s winning wheel pick is back again in the second edition of The Wheel of Musicians! As the title suggests, this episode brings to you a little back story on […]

  • Episode 21: Unhinged In A Pandemic

    If Korn and Slipknot ever play together, they’ll need some gig bags and cases to travel with. What if Eric Clapton wore a bucket on his head?  Ghost is just […]

  • Episode 20: Artist and Signature Guitars, Oh My!

    This episode of Pandemic Guitar Podcast is all about Artist and Signature Guitars. Are they worth it? It’s really up to the one looking. A new artist is chosen from […]

  • Episode 19: The Wheel – JB Brubaker

    The Wheel of Musicians has spoken. Amanda tells us a bit of background on the lead guitarist for August Burns Red, a Christian Metal Core Band, JB Brubaker. Slip on […]

  • Episode 18: Let’s Make A Jingle and the Wheel of Musicians

    Tim, Rick, and Amanda talk about what it would take to make a song or a jingle. Can it be as difficult as it sounds? Probably. They also introduce the […]

  • Episode 17: Exploring the Health Benefits of Playing Guitar

    The Doctors are in! Listen along as your favorite guitar related podcast hosts talk about just a few of the benefits to picking up and sticking with the guitar. This […]

  • Episode 16: The Aftermath of President’s Day Sales

    Tim, Rick, and Amanda are back with conversations about Presidents Day Sales, Store Goof-ups, and Guitar Pickups. Amanda and Tim both got new guitars and crack jokes about Rick’s relationship […]

  • Episode 15: Tools To Learn Guitar

    In part one of a multi episode series, your hosts Rick, Tim, and Amanda discuss different tools necessary to become the ultimate guitarist. If you’re new to intermediate you’ll need […]

  • Episode 14: Guitars & Groundhogs

    Groundhog facts, Music News & History, and the nominees for the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Join Rick, Tim, and Amanda as they celebrate their first Groundhog Day […]

  • Episode 13: A Podcast Dozen

    Lucky episode number 13 is hear for your ear! It’s all about technical difficulties whether it’s you equipment or the loss of your favorite musicians. Rick and Tim talk about […]

  • Episode 12: Little Sis Caught The Bug

    Eleven episodes of Pandemic Guitar Podcast, a Christmas full of guitar related goodies and a long car ride back west is all it took for little sis to catch the […]

  • Episode 11: Ah Ba Humbuckers

    It’s the final episode of 2022 and we couldn’t be happier! Rick and Tim talk about all the wonderful coal they found in their stockings. It’s the Pandemic Guitar Christmas […]

  • Episode 10: A Pandemic Christmas Special

    Rick, Tim, and Amanda are back in Episode 10 talking about the perfect gifts to get the guitarists in your life like a trio of squirrels trying find food. Hopefully […]

  • Episode 09: A Project Guitar Recap

    We’ve spent a few episodes quickly going over Pandemic Guitar’s Project Guitar #1. It just made sense to make an episode that spends a little bit more time on each […]

  • Episode 08: Joe Bonamassa Live From Des Moines

    Rick and Tim attended the Joe Bonamassa concert at the Civic Center in Des Moines, IA on November 13th, 2022. It was a concert that both had been impatiently waiting […]