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  • Episode 04: A Concert Experience and Project Guitar

    Tim recounts his experience at a recent local concert that he attended with the Mrs. Loverboy, Styx, and Reo Speedwagon was on the ticket. Find out who was good, who […]

  • Episode 03: Cheap vs. Expensive Guitars

    While surfing the internet Tim is always watching videos about guitars. Along the way he notices that there are a lot of guitarists comparing the difference between cheap and expensive […]

  • Episode 02: Exploring Portable Recording

    While Tim was editing episode 1, Rick mentioned something about portable recording that peaked his interest. This inspires an entire episode on what it takes to sit in your Lazy […]

  • Episode 01: Can We Get a Mic Check, Please?

    Can we get a mic check, please? just seems like a great title for our first episode in which we discover has actually taken a year to get up and […]