Tag: Eyes Forward March

  • Episode 103: Vote Four More Years of EFM

    EFM has been pulling their shenanigans for a full term now. Will you keep us around for another?

  • Episode 102: Senior Bacon Survived

    Senior Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar kick back and have a low key conversation about a bunch of nothing. It’s one of those breaths of fresh air as Bacon has achieved […]

  • Episode 101: She Ain’t a Lady, Unless…

    Your favorite two old crusty Amy buddies are back with another episode! This one, the two sit back and tell a few stories that they find comical. If you’re easily […]

  • Episode 100: Milestone Reached

    We’ve hit 100 episodes of Eyes Forward, March! It should be a grand celebration, but mission dictated otherwise. Senior Bacon is still far away from home and Sergeant C’Gar is […]

  • Episode 99: Got 99 Problems, Dropping an Episode Ain’t One

    Only one episode away from the big 100, Sergeant C’Gar and Senior Bacon make an attempt to record. Are the trainees of today given too many privileges? Are military schools […]

  • Episode 98: Knowledge Un-Management

    Sergeant C’Gar and Senior Bacon are getting close to the big 100th episode of Eyes Forward March, but the timing is wrong. One is busy with his hobbies while the […]

  • Episode 97: Organizing PT Challenges

    Sergeant C’Gar and Senior Bacon talk about department wide motivational physical fitness challenges. How do you keep people motivated? Is a reward necessary? So many questions, but the tow take […]

  • Episode 96: Good Old OE Topics

    This episode of Eyes Forward March brings back the beloved OE Topic. You remember those. It’s the kind of topic that gets everyone involved and can sometimes get heated. Sometimes […]

  • Episode 95: Editing a Podcast about Bourbon

    Senior Bacon and Platoon Sergeant C’Gar are back for Episode 95. The two talk quickly about how editing a podcast sucks before rambling on about bourbon.

  • Episode 94: These Are Our Ramblings Part 1

    C’Gar wants to serve with a beard, Bacon doesn’t like phony campaigns. Those that earn brownies at schools are annoying to all. The world is going to hell, but it’s […]

  • Episode 93: This Is Why Bon Jovi Don’t Fly

    Senior Bacon is out on assignment and shares his travel stories with Sergeant C’Gar. It’s no wonder Bon Jovi would rather travel by bus. Of course there’s some pandemic talk. […]

  • Episode 92: A Very Meaty New Year

    Our first episode of 2024. Hopefully a sign of many good things to come.

  • Episode 91: The Christmas Fetish

    We suppose you can call this our Christmas episode. The title is so weird. We’re not sure what you’re thinking, but we promise it’s not that bad. Happy Holidays and […]

  • Episode 90: You’ve Been Randomly Selected

    It’s always a good time with Senior Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar get together to catch up. Sometimes it’s Podcast Gold. This time, the only thing that is gold is what […]

  • Episode 89: Don’t Forget to Unthaw the Zoom

    Your favorite two old crusty army buddies are back with another episode full of banter and more techncial difficulties. Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day!

  • Episode 88: The Drill Hangover

    We know you’re burnt out just like us. Sergeant C’Car and Senior Bacon have a general conversation about what’s going on in their lives and how (almost) back to back […]

  • Episode 87: The Final Draft

    C’Gar and Bacon take a listeners question about the odds of World War 3 becoming a real thing. Who’s got their finger on the button? Why are they talking about […]

  • Episode 86: Let’s 86 Social Media

    The guys are back with another mediocre episode that you know and love. This episode they highlight a military Instagram creator. Bacon fears the end of this podcast. Ain’t nobody […]

  • Episode 85: Can’t Shut Us Down

    The duo is back at it again with an episode that is relevant for the time. What does a government shutdown mean to those of us who wear the uniform. […]

  • Episode 84: Our Tech Crashed

    That’s right….. Our tech crashed and we had to piece meal some content together. We apologize, but not every operation can be a complete success. Remember 9/11. Happy Anniversary to […]

  • Episode 83: Cutting The Mustard

    Senior Bacon and his trusty pal, Sergeant C’Gar are back again. This time to complain about the hot weather and being busy. The two are like condiments; Mustard and Catchup. […]

  • Episode 82: The Grumpiest of Old Men

    Bacon and C’Gar just sit back and have a quick conversation to catch up. The two talk about how busy they are and trying to keep up with delivering content […]

  • Episode 81: Don’t Slap Your Privates

    It’s the best title ever! But if you were to take a drink of your favorite tasty beverage every time we make a song reference you might not get through […]

  • Episode 80: Mid Summer Fatty

    Time travel is harder than it looks. This episode will definitely sound like it was recorded weeks ago, and it should. In the military we know this time as Annual […]

  • Episode 79: Bikinis and Promotions

    Your favorite breakfast Bacon and C’Gar pairing are back for another episode of most beloved military humor podcast. In this episode they talk a bit about promotions, schools, and of […]

  • Episode 78: What a Waist

    Mr. Bacon is back and ready to edit! Sergeant C’Gar couldn’t be happier. No Military History in this episode. The duo do a little catching up and then talk about […]

  • Episode 77: WOCS Talk

    The Podcaster formally known as Sergeant Bacon is finally back. He has spent a month in the sizzler and now demands to be called by his new title. Mr. Bacon […]

  • Episode 76: Time Travel Is Hard

    Bacon says, “Your Mom is Vanilla” was the original title of this episode. If you don’t know, this episode was recorded a month ago as the final episode to get […]

  • Episode 75: Military Now In History

    Military History sounds so present for some reason. Sergeants Bacon and C’gar are just moving through the dumb stuff. This episode was an easy one to edit. They hope you […]

  • Episode 74: Technically It’s Raw – Dog!

    The Platoon Sergeants are back with another episode of shenanigans. They talk about the technology they use to bring you the episodes you can’t stop listening to before C’Gar rambles […]

  • Episode 73: The Fastest Plummeting Episode Yet!

    You know how the boys do it! Sergeants Bacon and CGar are back with another episode of laughs and guesses on what they were going to call this episode. In […]

  • Episode 72: Stuck Between 14 Inches And A Hard Conversation

    Let’s be real. This episode is controversial. Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar finally give some thoughts about the C0V1D vaccination and a few other changes that have happened in recent history. […]

  • Episode 71: A Short Carpet Ride of Difficulties

    It’s that time of year. Cold days and colder nights, dramatic temperature fluxuations, Day Light Saving Time, and never ending grogginess. But in true  NCO fashion we must deliver. Enjoy […]

  • Episode 70: Who’s Going To Claim This Fart

    As regularly scheduled, the Sergeants are back for another episode full of shenanigans. Did someone  do some crop dusting or is there something more to discover! Sit back and try […]

  • Episode 69: The Worst Party I Ever Went To

    Let’s be real. This was supposed to be a special episode. Well special in a different way than what it was. Enjoy your bi-weekly fill of Military History with Platoon […]

  • Episode 68: Man Overboard

    When you fall out of your chair while recording you know you’re having fun. P’Diddy Bacon brings on a special guest, Bacon Bits to do a very special segment called, […]

  • Episode 67: It’s Not Bowling

    As Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar re-learn how to produce an episode we realize a few things. 1) Nothing is perfect. 2) Do the best you can. 3) Move […]

  • Episode 66: Handle With Kids Gloves

    Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar are back with the first episode of 2023. The year has changed but the shenanigans have not! Ha Ha, Military History has some humor. […]

  • Episode 65: Almost a Christmas Episode

    This is the 3rd December of posting episodes for Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar and they realized that they didn’t have a holiday special episode. That’s still the case. This episode […]

  • Episode 64: The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Tree Bosom In Your Cup?

    Your favorite Sergeants are back with another weak episode. What could this one be about? We’ll give you a clue. It’s a combination of coffee and poetry. You’re just need […]

  • Episode 63: The Poor Captain Never Got His Damn Tacos

    Platoon Daddy Bacon returns from annual training to record this episode. The conversation is a little all over the place, but as always, when the title presents itself within the […]

  • Episode 62: An EFM Veterans Day Special

    It’s not exactly Veterans Day, but it’s close enough to count! Platoon Daddy Bacon shares an impactful message that will resinate for every veteran whether you the new kid on […]

  • Episode 61: Don’t Circumcise the Earth

    In each episode there is just something that is said that makes a perfect title. This time it’s “Don’t Circumcise the Earth”. Platoon Daddy Bacon works through his military history […]

  • Episode 60: Sudafed Duke and Empty Fields

    Platoon Daddy Bacon never disappoints. If you can’t tell, he is a little under the weather when recording this episode. Utilizing his mastery editing skills and a little Sudafed Duke […]

  • Episode 59: Britain’s Boobies

    Don’t think the Sergeants are actually releasing an episode all about Britain’s Boobies. This title actually comes from Bacon Dyslexia, your’e welcome Antonio Sticks! In Episode 59 of Eyes Forward; […]

  • Episode 58: Debrief at FOB C’Gar

    Platoon Daddy Bacon is back at FOB C’Gar for another debrief. This time the FPCON is low and the the two record an episode in the designated smoking area. As […]

  • Episode 57: Introducing Pandemic Guitar Podcast

    The Sergeants didn’t have a whole lot to talk about this episode so Platoon Daddy Bacon decides to inquire about one of Sergeant C’Gars’ newest endeavors, the Pandemic Guitar Podcast. […]

  • Episode 56: Leave What You Love; Love What You Leave

    Every once in a great while an episode has to drop that is truly personal. Sergeant C’Gar leans on his battle buddy Platoon Daddy Bacon for a listening ear and […]

  • Episode 55: The Great Ketchup of 22

    It’s been a busy summer for Bacon and C’Gar! In fact, the last two months worth of episodes where recorded more than two months ago. Finally!, in Episode 55 the […]

  • Episode 54: Bacon Reads the Riot Act

    Sometimes you don’t really have a direction for an episode so you just title it after the best part of the episode. That’s right, Platoon Daddy Bacon reads the riot […]

  • Episode 53: Happy 4th of July (2022)

    This episode hit close enough to the 4th that the Sergeants decided to dedicate the episode to Independence Day. Well kind of… Actually this one is a bit of small […]

  • Episode 52: The No Topic Blues

    Every once in a while the news is slow and topics are hard to come by. This episode is just that. Bacon and C’Gar kick back and just have some […]

  • Episode 51: OE Topic – State of the VFW (Part 2)

    In this episode of EFM Bacon and C’Gar talk through and discuss an article written by Thomas Novelly on Military.com entitled, “VFW Posts Are Dying. They Need Hesitant 9/11 Vets […]

  • Episode 50: OE Topic – State of the VFW

    In this episode of EFM Bacon and C’Gar talk through and discuss an article written by Thomas Novelly on Military.com entitled, “VFW Posts Are Dying. They Need Hesitant 9/11 Vets […]

  • Episode 49: Additional Job Opportunities Are Out There

    In this episode of EFM Platoon Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar have a conversaton about the different types of job opportunities that exist in the Army National Guard outside of just […]

  • Episode 48: Conflicts in the Workplace

    A recent brawl at FOB Bacon’s Maintenance Shop sparks an interesting episode about handling stressors at work. In todays world everything is more stressful than ever. It’s bound to happen. […]

  • Episode 47: Promote Up or Get Out

    Mountain Rip-It’s start the show as Sergeant C’Gar attempts to get the mix board right. He spits out an online post to try making point but it might not go […]

  • Episode 46: On Topic as a Squirrel on Caffeine

    The Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar spend some time rambling on about all sorts of random stuff. Gas prices are high, Technicians get screwed, Soldiers don’t understand what their signing up […]

  • Episode 45: A Chat with Civilian Polygon

    For the first time in EFM history a civilian has been brought into the discussions. Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar welcome Podcaster & Content Creator Jon (aka Polygon) from […]

  • Episode 44: It’s All About the Benefits, Baby!

    We’ve been hearing a lot of absolutely horrible stories about Stolen Valor lately, so we decided to take a crack at it ourselves. We also cover some of the benefits […]

  • Episode 43: A Part Time Commitment with Full Time Pride

    Join Sergeants C’Gar and Bacon as they discuss the old term, “One Weekend a Month, Two Weeks a Year”. It doesn’t work that way anymore and Soldiers tend to look […]

  • Episode 42: Burn Cigars; not Bridges

    Sergeant Bacon says, “Burn Cigars; not bridges”. It’s been a long time since another Service Member has  burned some bridge structure in the Sergeants’ presence, but it has happened and […]

  • Episode 41: STEP by STEP

    Step By step Ooh, Soldier Gonna Promote you, GI Step by step (Ah!) It’s not the lyrics you remember but it’s close enough for some military humor. In this episode […]

  • Episode 40: Things that Frustrate Us Volume 1

    The Sergeants are back for the first episode of 202TOO. This time it's all about the things that they find frustrating and annoying wrapped up into the first of many.

  • Episode 39: 202FUN

    After a brief issue with identity, the Sergeants find themselves reflecting on the past year of Eyes Forward; March! Was it another year of dumpster fire or was it 202FUN? We think both. 

  • Episode 38: Operation Mega Pimp – ENDEX

    ENDEX! ENDEX! ENDEX! (it’s not INDEX!, dummy.) Over the past few weeks Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar have been performing training exercises that you know of as Operation Mega […]

  • Episode 37: Major Payne

    In the final episode of the EFM Mega Pimping Mini Series Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar pay  respect to one of the OG podcasts on the Creative Brain Candy […]

  • Episode 36: Simply Swishers

    Join C’Gar in this once in a lifetime interview with a superstar in the world of gas station cigars, Bacon. Who would have thought that gas stations and convenience stores […]

  • Episode 35: Stay Wild Barracks Child

    Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar reflect on how a life in the military also has an impact on their civilian life. Over the last 20 plus years members of the military […]

  • Episode 34: A Brief Intermission

    The Sergeants take a quick break before they get back to the shenanigans. After paying respect to Spoiler They Die and The Video Game Lounge on the Creative Brain Candy […]

  • Episode 33: Bad Military Games that Don’t Exist

    Sergeant Bacon knows absolutely nothing about video games while Sergeant C’Gar is the definition of a bad gamer. That doesn’t stop the duo from attempting to create a video game […]

  • Episode 32: Spoiler: They Got Lost in Ft. Hood

    Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar pay respect to another podcast on the Creative Brain Candy Network, “Spoiler: They Die” by creating a version of their own with a military […]

  • Episode 31: Sweating the Small Things

    In this slightly shorter than normal episode Platoon Daddy Bacon and Sergeant C’Gar talk about a few of the little things that seem to always be a big problem to […]

  • Episode 30: Finding Zen in Conversation

    Sergeant C’Gar finds a bit of zen in a general conversation with Platoon Daddy Bacon. Sometimes it just takes a good conversation with one of your favorite Battle Buddies to […]

  • Episode 29: Cooking with Bacon – Part 2

    We couldn’t possibly hold on to part 2 of Cooking with Bacon. That’s right!, Sergeant C’Gar spends another 30 minutes helping you to get to know Platoon Daddy Bacon a […]

  • Episode 28: Debrief at FOB C’Gar

    Excuse the slightly longer than usual episode but this one is special to us. Platoon Daddy Bacon is in Sergeant C’Gars neck of the woods so it’s only natural that […]

  • Episode 27: Cooking With Bacon – Part 1

    Grab your trusty old cast iron skillet from the kitchen cabinet or gun safe (wherever you keep it) and prepare to learn more than you ever wanted to know about Platoon […]

  • Episode 26: Army News – Ponytails and The Internet of Things

    Sergeant Bacon is feeling good as he gets back from a little league draft meeting just in time to record a late episode of EFM with his favorite NCO,  Sergeant […]

  • Episode 25: Creature Comforts

    For the time being, you’ll have to continue enjoying the Eyes Forward; March! Podcast in your favorite brown bombers while the Sergeants continue to work on the finer details around […]

  • Episode 24: We Don’t Prime Easy

    In episode 24, Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar talk a bit about Soldier burn out. Comparatively like our vehicles, they only perform well when they are properly maintained and have plenty […]

  • Episode 23: Revisiting That C’Gar

    Sometimes when Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar sit down to record an episode it goes so well that they go far beyond a single 30 minute episode. In episode 16, Sergeant […]

  • Episode 22: How May I Sponsor You

    How do you sponsor a new Soldier to your organization? Is it done right or is it a complete waste of time? There is a foundation to properly introduce new […]

  • Episode 21: Career Management

    Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar make an episode out of the Enlisted Promotion System (EPS) and Career Management in the Military. There are regulations out there regulations out there that tell […]

  • Episode 20: Family Absolutely Matters

    Say hello to Corporal Cat Lady who took a little time out of her busy schedule to introduce herself! We’re all busy and have a lot going on. We find […]

  • Episode 19: Word Vomit and Defecation

    There’s only one thing to do when you hear the F-Bomb, drop a deuce and keep moving. As usual Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar catch up before talking about who Soldiers […]

  • Episode 18: Leadership Lake – Toes First

    In this episode Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar dip their toes into the first leadership issue episode. What makes a good leader? The Sergeants have a few ideas, but are they […]

  • Episode 17: Bet You a $1 – You Won’t Listen to this Episode

    The Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar spend a little time telling a few gambling stories. Sometimes you gamble with money, sometimes you gamble with food. Sometimes it's for fun and sometimes it's not. Almost all the time it's not really worth it.

  • Episode 16: Getting to Know Your C-Gar

    Breaking Kazoo News: The One Man Bacon Wrapped Bacon Band delivers some sad news. The mailbag is a bit heavier than normal. Have you ever wanted to know a bit […]

  • Episode 15: Forward, March! – 2021

    It’s a great idea to look in front of you before moving forward. What’s the command? Forward, March! In this 2021 edition, Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar use the episode to […]

  • Episode 14: These are our Reflections – 2020

    The Sergeants somehow made it into the new year! Following suite with others, Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar reflect on the past for their first episode of the new year. How […]

  • Episode 13: Health Assessments

    Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar quickly talk a little holiday ritual before diving into a conversation about the annual Periodic Health Assessment. The story gets cut short…. Stay safe, stay positive…. […]

  • Episode 12: Cadets and the NCO Role

    The sugar cola’s are kicking’ in and wearing off as Platoon Daddy’s Sergeants C-Gar and Bacon talk about our future Officer leaders better known as Cadets. Who are cadets and […]

  • Episode 11: Sweet Child Kazoo External Eval of Mine

    We’ve all been waiting for Sergeant Bacon to debut his first hit Kazoo single and it’s finally here. It’s not what the episode title implies but might hint to an […]

  • Episode 10: Happy Veterans Day

    Sergeants Bacon and C-Gar can’t speak properly. Where’s the damn Kazoo! (It’s coming) Sergeant Bacon gets excited when he injects a few sound clips. Editing a podcast does suck and […]

  • Episode 09: The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

    It’s October and time for some physical fitness! Sergeants Bacon, C-Gar, and Vegas talk about the new Army Combat Fitness Test. A new version of the FM 7-22 which gets […]

  • Episode 08: Social Media and this Episode – Ignore Both

    Sergeant Bacon hi-jacks the entire episode with is hatred for Discord which is one of the few ways to tell us we suck! Sergeant C-Gar tries to correct the path […]

  • Episode 07: A New Format

    Sergeants Bacon and C-gar reflect on the show. Maybe it’s time to update the format. Sweaty C-Gar explains why you shouldn’t go commando. The retention tree is key! It’s your […]

  • Episode 06: What About Anything: MRE’s

    Where is episode 3B? FOB Cigar has been devastated by by natural disaster. Editing has been moved to priority level 2 resulting in a missed time hack. Sergeants Bacon and […]

  • Episode 05: Military Vice Part 1

    For the first time Sergeants G-Gar, Bacon, Vegas and Donut appear in the same episode (and it’s a sh!tSh#w). Find out what their favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time is […]

  • Episode 04: Receive The Gift Part 2

    Sergeants C-Gar and Bacon are joined with guest host Sergeant Donut as they continue their discussion on After Action Reviews (AAR) and discuss “Receiving The Gift”. Special show shout out […]